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Did you know, all manufacturers recommend that their boilers are serviced every 12 months and that fires and cookers should also be checked annually?

Servicing is an excellent way of avoiding inconvenient breakdowns during the winter months by trouble shooting during an annual check-up.

This also ensures the safe operation of your boiler, gas fire or cooker and guarantees peace of mind.

With experience on a comprehensive range of boilers and with back ground training from a major utilities company we can service your appliance to a high standard and help to cut the cost of repairs and avoid cold winter mornings without heat or hot water.

Whether your appliance is two or twenty years old we can help with appointments booked 24/7 and service visits arranged for evenings or weekends, see our service checklist below for a comprehensive list of what we check during a boiler service.

  • Flue type
  • Flue termination
  • Ventilation
  • Burner pressure (millibars) and or gas rate (gas consumption kw net)
  • Flame supervision device (safety device)
  • Clearance / access to appliance
  • Fused spur (fuse amp rating checked)
  • Electrical checks (polarity, earth loop resistance, safe isolation)
  • Appliance cleaned inside
  • Combustion chamber seals checked
  • Combustion chamber insulation checked (where applicable)
  • Burner checked and cleaned (where applicable)
  • Heat exchanger checked and cleaned (where applicable)
  • Fan and fan connections checked (where applicable)
  • Flame picture checked
  • Flue gas analysis co/co2 ratio checked before and after work
  • Flue flow test (open flue only)
  • Spillage test (open flue only)